Financing for all!

I know what you are thinking; I have bad credit.  There is no way I’ll be approved! Well here is one of the best parts of our program; there is no credit check.  Let me say that again; THERE IS NO CREDIT CHECK!

Did you ever say to yourself:

  • I really wish I could get the latest and greatest cell phone?
  • I wish someone would just take a chance on me to pay them back?
  • I have a great job and income why can’t I get financing?
  • I would like to get another cell phone but I’m tied to a contract and I not eligible for an upgrade?

Our program makes it easier for customers to get the products they want and need! In today’s world where customers are getting denied financing more and more Emperor Communications LLC offers a solution.

Benefits to Our Customers:

  • Newest Electronics & Accessories Upfront when you pay later
  • We only look your income and checking account history.
  • CellPhones for customer regardless of their carrier with NO Contract Extension!
  • Trade In Programs
  • Huge inventory plus if we do not have it stock we’ll get it within hours.
  •  90 Day Same as Cash Option

This program has help thousands to get the products they want!  Don’t be left out.  Get the technology you crave.  Call Us Now!